Pfeil Saddlery

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Horse Tack

All of my horse tack is made from heavy U.S. tanned leather, mostly Hermann Oak.  It is made from studying old designs to see what has worked and what has not !  Everything is doubled and stitched and lined with burgundy latigo for durability.

Most every item on this page is being used by professional cowboys and cowgirls that ride every single day !   

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Leather Breast Collar

Heavy leather roping breast collar made with Hermann Oak leather,

and lined with burgandy latigo. Comes with 4 , 1" wide tug straps. The D's and

buckles are all stainless steel for long life. These are made one at a time

by hand. These are really built to last a long time!

All oils and finishes are hand applied, and the edges are

hand rubbed, for a smooth finish.

Made with your name, or what ever you want on it

up to about 20 letters.

Price: $ 150.00 with name and border tooling

          $ 140.00 plain


Three Piece Breast Collar

Custom heavy duty three piece breast collar.

Made with Hermann Oak leather and lined with burgundy latigo. They are hand made one at a time. The oils and finishes are hand applied and the edges hand rubbed. All of the hardware, the D rings  buckles and even the snap is stainless steel for long life.  Comes with two 1" tug straps.  Names and some customization is available.

Prices:  Plain $ 135.00

            Customized $ 150.00





Breast Collar Tug Straps 

These straps are made from heavy Hermann Oak Harness leather, for years of service. The buckle and loop are stainless steel for long life, and are assembled with a copper rivet and burr, not hollow chrome rivets !  

I make these a little long and can be cut off as necessary, and put plenty of holes for proper adjustment !

Price : $ 30.00 per pair

Roper Back Cinch

Handmade custom heavy duty wide roper back cinch. This is 8 inches wide and is lined with burgundy latigo.  An old cowboy gave me a worn out one and said he really liked this design.  It has just enough 'kick' to fit along the horses belly. The custom heavy duty roller buckles, D ring and even the hobble buckle and ring is stainless steel for long life. The buckle ends are stitched and riveted for durability.

Price: $135.00

Leather Flank Billetts

Our flank billetts are made  out of Hermann Oak leather for years of dependable service.  They are lined with burgundy latigo, and stitched . I can add designs or decorative stitching.  On the more 'commercially' made ones, it drives me crazy that they don't put enough holes, and they are too far apart, so I put extra holes with a little closer spacing, so you can get that "just right" adjustment!

Price : $ 60.00  a pair

Custom Painted Feather Headstall

Custom made headstall with a painted feather design !

It is made with top quality leather and lined and stitched.  Stainless steel buckles for long life, and latigo ties on the bit end.

The feather accent colors can be changed to match other tack you may have.  This one is a medium buckskin background color, with a white and turquoise feather.  These can be made with as a sliding one ear, or brow band style.  Please indicate the style you want on the order form.

Custom Headstall

 Custom hand tooled  headstall. Made with top quality leather , lined and stitched.  The designs are hand painted, and background dyed a rich mahogany finish, sealed and oiled, with stainless steel buckles.  This one is a sliding ear style, but can be made in a brow band style also.


Price : $ 125.00


Harness Leather Headstall

Harness leather headstall is heavy single ply harness leather.  It has a stainless steel buckle that is put on with a copper rivet and burr, and stitched as well.

The bit ends extend out to about 48 inches for larger horses, but have enough holes to accommodate a smaller size.

The bit ends are also "turned out" to not interfere with a noseband, but can be switched if that's your preference.

These are good, durable headstalls built for everyday use !

Price: $ 35.00