Pfeil Saddlery

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Personal Items

I have created a line of personal items that are custom made, one at a time.  I am using materials produced here in the United States for all of my products.  The leathers are all from U.S. tanneries.  Hermann Oak, Wickett & Craig, and Horween. I'm kinda big on things Made in the U.S.A. !                                                                          Many of the products in this line are made from Horween Horse Hide, and they have a luxurious, soft feel to them, and are really strong.  All of the leathers produce really nice products as well, just a different feel from the horse hide and other Horween leathers.

These are all made by hand, one at a time !  I hand sew these with the best threads I can find, using a technique known as "saddle stitching".  This keeps the stitching locked in and durable for a long time. The edges are all hand burnished and finished and have a nice smooth polished feel, and rounded corners, so they don't poke you while its in your pocket !

Pocket Wallets

First is a line of "Minimalist" wallets, or front pocket wallets.  The days of large bulky wallets are fading, and trends are toward carrying only what you need, and these fill the bill.  They hold around 6 to 10 cards, ID, Insurance cards and some cash also.  There are several styles to suit  your particular taste and style !

Business Card Sleeve

These are made from Horween Horse hide, and will vary in style, due to the irregular shapes of the leather. They are designed to be a single pocket and will hold about a dozen business cards. They are nice and slim, and could be used for anything!

Leather Coasters

These are leather coasters, made from Harness leather.  Harness leather is very durable and resists moisture.  These are quite thick and are about 4 1/2 inches in diameter. I made them larger to accommodate the larger cups and mugs that are used today. They look really neat and over time, will gain character and patina from use.  They are in sets of 4, but custom orders of larger lots can be made also.

Custom Bible Covers

These bible covers are custom made one at a time.  They are hand tooled and customized for each individual person.

They are made from the best leathers available and lined with various fine leather linings to protect your precious heirloom bible.

To order a bible cover, please contact me so we can discuss your particular desires for tooling, and lettering. I also will need your bible to properly fit the cover to each individual bible.

Price as shown, is $180.00

Additional tooling, lettering, or other options is extra.