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Leather Tote Bags

Our leather tote bags are made from genuine Oil tan leather, for a soft supple feel. They are made with large pieces of the leather, so there is a minimum number of pieces , like many commercially made bags. The handles are made out of the same material so they are soft in your hand or on your shoulder. The leather is genuine oil tan leather that at times will have small scars, marks, or brands.  I try to minimize using those pieces, but every bag will have some type of mark or small blemish, which is found on almost all pieces of natural genuine leather.

They are built to be durable to use everyday and the more you use it, the better it will look. 

I began to add some pockets to the inside of the bags, to make them a little more useful !  There is a key lanyard also inside the bag.

The bags are about 15" x 15" in size and will vary a little.

The color of the leather varies a little, but all are an earthtone type of color.  The leather gains character with use! 

These bags will continue to be improved on as time goes by.  I have added different handles, and slight other changes as I think would make them better.

Pricing for all leather tote bag :$ 145.00