Pfeil Saddlery

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Customer Comments

These are comments customers have sent me about their custom work !


Belt came today! It is beautiful! Can’t wait to start wearing it! The skill and craftsmanship that went into it are very obvious! I feel grateful and privileged to wear this belt. And I will wear it with pride. Your skills are exactly what I was looking for, you should be proud! Thanks so much!!! 

Have a blessed day!


 North Carolina

Hi Fred
 picked it up today lovely workmanship...great're right about the colour ...good job thanks a lot..
London,United Kingdom 

Good evening Fred 
 Got the belts. It is one of the little joys in life to order something and  when it comes it is better then what you expected. My wife really liked the  color and the style of the your belt. Both fit perfectly. I am wearing  yours as I type this just breaking it in a little. 

Hello Fred,

I just received my custom wallet, and I love it!  It's exactly what I wanted... Its beautiful!  Thank you so much.